Moving your business online part 1: planning out your website

Bruno Veberis
Moving your business online part 1: planning out your website

It's been a hell of a year for small businesses, and if one thing is clear, 这是因为拥有一个在线商业平台——一个销售你im游戏app的地方——是生死攸关的问题.

While online sales (aka ecommerce) have been steadily growing, the start of the pandemic kicked its growth into high gear, jumping from 12% to 16% of all purchases made in the US. While the rate dropped a bit by the end of 2020, it remains significantly higher than the mean pre-pandemic rate.

Online sales are here to stay.


So where do you begin?

im游戏app整理了一系列文章,带您了解如何将您的业务转移到网上. 这些循序渐进的文章将指导您通过建立一个成功的数字存在的最重要的方面,这将为您的长期成功奠定基础.

这第一篇文章将指导你如何规划你的网站, a meaningful first step that's too often overlooked. 通过了解你的需求和布局你的网站的构建块, you'll be able to reach your goals faster and with fewer hiccups, and generally be more satisfied with the end result.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's dig in!

What is a business website and why do you need one?

Your website is the face of your business in the digital environment, 以及你自己的一块“数字房地产”,你可以按照自己的意愿管理. 这是你的销售工具集的关键部分,特别是当面对面的销售是不可能的.

benefits of business websites 是不可估量的——它不仅能让你被发现(你不能搜索一些不存在的东西), 但它也可以让你定义你与潜在买家的互动. That can include; directing visitors towards an online purchase, telling them your brand story, 向他们提供你想让他们知道的信息(比如你正在进行的具体销售), and more.

将已建立的业务带到网上的最大好处之一是,它可以让你不受地理位置的限制. Putting your store up online opens up your brand to the whole world, rather than being confined to a physical retail location. 人们可以不用去你的商店就能买到你的im游戏app或服务, and you get to tap into a whole new demographic, which can be a major step towards growth.

For your established clientele, 你的网店会让你最大的粉丝继续支持你, 即使你的实体店可能会因为疫情限制而关闭.

All in all, the benefits of establishing a webpage for your business are innumerable, and you only stand to gain. Especially when it's so easy to create a website with tools like Mozello available.


Step 1: Define the goals and requirements for your website

建立你的商业网站的第一步将是确定你需要它为你做什么. 这样,当你进入网站创建的建设阶段时, you'll know exactly what to do.

NB! im游戏app所看到的新网站创建者犯的最大的错误就是在不了解第一步的情况下就贸然进入网站设计过程.

你的网站可以有不同的格式和功能. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Informative website -一个网站的主要目标是让访问者了解你的业务和服务
  • Ecommerce storefront -一个网站,你的访问者可以直接从你的网站购买
  • One-page business card – a one-page website, usually on the shorter side, with the basic information about you or your business

要想知道你的网站需要做什么,首先要了解网站的目的是什么. 基于这个目的,列出所有你需要支持这个目标的元素.

  • 如果它的目的是销售im游戏app,列出所有可以帮助你实现这个目标的东西. That could mean having a product page, having a Shipping and Returns page, high-quality images of your products, an image block of your product in action, an FAQ site, a blog section to nurture your visitors, and more.
  • 如果目的是让访客联系你关于雇用你为你的服务, list which elements can help you achieve that. 比如推荐信、服务描述、你的资历、“联系”页等等.

Pro tip: Take a look at competitors' pages or other websites to get inspired. 写下你认为有效的事情,也许看看你会做什么不同的事情.

When you have a full list of the elements of a website you want to see, you're ready to move on to the next step!

Step 2: Craft a structure for your business website

When you have a list of all of the elements you want in your website, you're ready to start making some sense out of them.


You'll definitely have a main page. Ask yourself – which elements will go under that page? List them.

看看其他的一些元素——是否有一些可以很好地结合在一起? For example, shipping information can go well with returns information. If you have a complex product, 你可能想要创建一个“它是如何工作的”部分,包括描述和图形. If you have an ecommerce functionality, 您的im游戏app页面可以受益于分级图表和交付期限.

Lay out a simple visualization. You can draw it on a piece of paper, or use tools like 帆布 or 米罗. Really any flowchart will do.

By drawing out your structure, 你将能够看到伞形分类的出现-像im游戏app分类(如女装或男装), or a portfolio or blog section that has multiple posts beneath it.

By having a clear idea of which sections you'll need, 你已经可以开始考虑每个页面需要什么资源了——你需要什么类型的图像或文本. 这就把im游戏app带到了下一节——定义和发现你的主要关键词!

Step 3: Define the main keywords connected to your business

当创建一个在线商店时,有一件事是不能忽视的,即搜索引擎优化. 这本质上需要你尽可能告诉搜索引擎(比如谷歌)你的网站是关于什么的, so that when people are looking for what you're offering, Google knows to recommend you.

One important aspect of SEO is using the right keywords, and putting them in the right place on your website.
And how do you do that, you ask?

Well, we have an entire article on SEO basics, 但简短的答案是——选择描述你的业务的主要关键词, and use them in the headings and sections that they correspond to.

If you are a florist in New York, use the term “New York Florist”. If you have a clothing line for tall women, add “Tall” to your product page titles, like “Tall dresses”.

Keywords should be added in places like:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Page URLs
  • Headlines
  • Subheadings
  • Descriptions

Take a look at our beginner guide to SEO for more, and keep the principles in mind when crafting your website text. This will increase your website's discoverability and will help you grow.

Step 4: Choose a domain name

Now that you know what your website's function, purpose, and keywords are, it's time to choose a domain name! 域名是你网站的地址——在im游戏app的例子中,im游戏app的域名是

你的域名选择很重要,因为这不会有太大的改变. 一旦你选择了一个域名,你的网站和品牌就会和它绑定在一起. So here a few recommendations on choosing a domain:

  • It has to be available 域名必须是唯一的,所以你必须选择一个还没有被占用的域名.

  • Ideally it's tied to your main keywords – your domain should be tied to your business. Typically, it will be the name of your business (like, or a description of your services (like

  • It's easy for your customers to remember -让你的域名容易记住,这样你的客户可以再次找到你的网站. That can mean keeping it short and descriptive.

在Mozello网站上,每个新网站都会有一个免费地址 .mozello.和Mozello高级用户得到一个免费的自定义域名没有Mozello后缀. If you already have a custom domain registered elsewhere, you can use that on your Mozello store as well.

Planning done – next up: building!

This is arguably the hardest part, and you've done it! 您不会后悔花时间规划您的网站,您将在im游戏app的下一篇文章中看到为什么. 这是因为im游戏app的下一篇文章将构建网站本身!

So stay tuned for the next piece, im游戏app将在哪里潜入建立你的商业网站的有趣过程.