你的企业需要一个网站. 用Mozello这样的工具, it's so easy to build one that people get swept up in the excitement 和 want to start building immediately. 但, if you rush in without a plan, then the result will be low-quality. The only thing worse than having no website is having a terrible one.

确定, 你可以修改和编辑你已经建立的网站, 但这是一个巨大的麻烦,为什么要加倍的工作? 打从一开始, you should take your time 和 approach building a website just like you do everything else in your business - with a plan 和 a purpose.

In this article, we'll cover the 5 things you need to do before starting to create your website. 这些都是:

  1. 明确网站的目的
  2. 规划网站的结构
  3. 设定合适的视觉风格
  4. 制定你的内容计划和基调
  5. 不要忘记手机

1. 明确网站的目的

为什么你需要一个网站? 在当今这个时代,这似乎是个奇怪的问题. 您可能会回答说,您需要它来通知客户, 销售im游戏app, 变得更容易被发现, 为了赚更多的钱, 待相关, 等.

但 the reality is that most people don't know or aren't sure what exactly they want 和 hope to achieve when they decide to start building their website. 最典型的原因是——每个人都有一个.

Instead of just starting to throw something together just to have an online presence, 花点时间明确你网站的目的. This will not only help you in terms of planning the structure 和 content, but it will also help in the future when evaluating whether your website is beneficial for your business.

例如, if you're creating a website for your brick 和 mortar store 和 define “to increase business profit” as the main purpose, but after a certain time realize that you're spending more money on the website 和 marketing than you're getting in sales, 那你就会知道这个网站行不通了. 如果你没有定义这个目标, 这样你就更有可能继续投资网站, 即使它在让你赔钱, 而且可能会影响到你的生意.

你设定的目标将决定你未来的决定. 例如:

如果你想做销售, then you need to have every bit of the website guide your visitor to that goal.
或者也许你的网站是作为一个个人作品集. 这将改变布局的选择.
Perhaps you want your website to simply be a digital business card where people can find your contact info 和 social media accounts - then maybe all you need is a single page.

Knowing why you're creating your website is the first step to underst和ing how to go about it 和 defining what are the success criteria.

2. 规划网站的结构

Once you have a defined goal, it's time to plan a general structure for your website. Whether you want to build a small website or will have dozens of different pages, having a solid structure from the get-go will ensure your website doesn't turn into a complex labyrinth for your users.

Grab a pen 和 paper 和 roughly sk等h out what sections will your website consist of, e.g. Homepage, 关于 us, im游戏apps, 联系s, Shipping policy, Store categories 和 sub-categories, 等. Once you've done that, draw a sitemap, 哪一个 is an outline of what will go where on your website:

This is particularly important for e-commerce stores 和 complex websites with lots of pages. If you build without planning there's a high risk of important things getting lost or forgotten.

+, 通过提前准备一个结构, 您将更好地理解用户旅程是什么样的. This can help you optimize the user experience by cutting out unnecessary steps/pages before you even start building your website.

3. 设定合适的视觉风格

当你开始用Mozello建立你的网站, 你可以使用各种模板和颜色. It's easy to get excited 和 just pick something that you think looks really cool.

但 if you want to find success, then underst和 that it's not about what you think looks cool. Your website's design should represent your business 和 help make the information on your website easily accessible. 因此,简单的设计受到大多数网站所有者的青睐.

因此, it's recommended to have a visual style in mind before you start putting together your website. 考虑一下什么颜色适合你的IM电竞app, 找到合适的字体, 考虑什么样的视觉效果可以补充你的网站内容. 不要犹豫,看看你的竞争对手是怎么做的.

试着以一种特定的风格为目标.g. “最小”、“大胆”或“企业”,并坚持下去. Mozello的模板可以帮助你朝着一个特定的方向前进, 但一定要定制它们,使它们符合你的品牌身份.

如果您需要帮助来做出正确的设计决策,请查看这个 网页设计文章.

4. 制定你的内容计划和基调

The content on your website is what will make people want to interact with your website, 说服人们购买你的im游戏app, 成为你的品牌形象的重要组成部分. It's important to be consistent 和 informative in order to send the right message about your business.

一个好的经验法则是文本要具体. 例如, 如果你正在创建一个基于服务的网站, 第一个文本应该告诉访问者提供了什么. Then you can follow with blocks that answer these questions: what is the service, 它是如何工作的, 使用该服务的好处是什么. 你写得越清楚,你的网站就越有影响力.

Your website's goal is to ensure that visitors gain all the necessary information to make a decision. 你越容易让他们这么做, 他们的体验就会越好, 和, 反过来, 他们将更有可能购买或与你联系.

Planning your content ahead of time will help you form a cohesive br和 voice 和 ensure that you don't forget to include essential information.

5. 不要忘记手机

Oftentimes when people build their website, they completely forget about mobile. 但 移动设备约占所有网络流量的一半, so if you ignore mobile, then you ignore up to half of all your visitors.

为那些和莫泽洛一起建立网站的人准备的, you'll be happy to know that the websites you create with Mozello are fully compatible with mobile devices from the get-go thanks to responsive design.

但有些事情你应该考虑. 例如, 而一个高度详细的图像在浏览器上可能看起来很棒, 在更小的手机屏幕上很难辨别. 类似的, while longer texts might be legible 和 look great on the desktop version, they might appear as big 和 difficult-to-read blocks of text on mobile.

So when planning your website - remember to consider what it will look like on a smaller screen.


你的网站可能会有很多图片. 图片越多越大,加载的时间就越长. 你网站加载的时间越长 更多的人会放弃它 在这之前. 所以你应该努力提高网站的加载速度.

要做到这一点,最好的方法之一就是使用较亮的图像. 如何? 当你建立你的网站时,使用以下工具来优化你的图片 TinyPNG, 哪一个 will help compress your heavy images into smaller sizes with little-to-no loss in quality, 哪一个, 反过来, 会帮助你的网站加载更快吗.

图像看起来是一样的, 但不是称重, 例如, 1 MB, 它的大小将只有150 KB, 哪一个 means that your visitors will load it faster 和 will have a better user experience.

It's also important to name your images in such a way that the name accurately reflects what's in them, 同时也要确保写上你的品牌名称. Image searches are on the rise 和 good image names 和 descriptions can help you generate relevant traffic.

得到了你的计划? 开始构建的时间!

一旦你为你的网站制定了计划, then it's time to start putting it together 和 with Mozello's website builder, you can quickly create your website or e-commerce store 和 easily mold it to suit your needs 和 requirements. 现在im游戏app或在线商店.